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A Unique Approach to the Typical Delray Beach Halfway House

Providing a Pet Friendly Delray Beach Halfway House

DSC_0867At Halfway There you will be joining a large family of people who’ve been on a path to recovery like you are now. We offer the most affordable and effective Delray Beach halfway houses. We have been in business for over 10 years and know exactly what it takes to emerge out of addiction and move forward into a healthy and sober life.

Halfway There provides a unique sober living experience in Delray Beach, Florida. We focus our attention on creating a community where recovering addicts can feel safe and comfortable in a family setting. The Halfway There residence is located less than a mile away from the beach. Also, we are the only pet-friendly Delray Beach halfway house or sober living facility.

We are always striving to provide a safe and caring sober living environment for men and woman. We offer recovery resources such as educational programs and job placement assistance to help our residents through early sobriety. The goal of our sober living program is to help our residents work on their recovery while getting acclimated back into society. Our Delray Beach halfway house allows our residents to flourish in early recovery by pushing them to excel in all areas of life, not just sobriety.

Enjoy Recovery in a Family-Home Environment

At Halfway There we are a family. We treat everyone resident a part of our family. When you come to live with us, we have nothing but your best interest at hand. We care about you and we will be involved in your recovery process. Our halfway house staff is on-site 24 hours a day and always available to residents. Our staff will make sure you are safe and comfortable in your living space. You can turn to them for any concerns you may have with complete confidence and privacy.

A Pet Friendly Halfway House in Delray Beach

halfway0120smWe accept pets! Yes, bring your dog and we’ll work it out. We don’t have to tell you how hard and expensive it is to find a landlord or association that will allow you to have a pet (especially a  dog) without charging you a ridiculous amount or making you jump through hoops to get approved. Please note that if you have a dog they will be required to be vaccinated and up to date with all their shots.

Mandatory 12 Step Meetings Aid In Your Recovery

Some people don’t want to go to meetings because they don’t want to go alone or they may feel exposed or required to share intimate parts of their lives. Some people just aren’t ready for that in the early stages of recovery. These are perfectly understandable reasons, but the important thing to remember is that you will not be alone and it gets easier.  Go to a meeting and just listen. Listening is such an important part of the healing process. You will have the opportunity to hear what others have experienced in their recovery and how they’re taking their recovery one day at a time. This is why we make meetings a requirement. Clients are required to attend at least one meeting a day. We also have a once a week meeting held on campus, that is absolutely mandatory, where we can discuss recovery topics and issues solely related to Halfway There. Read our Meeting Requirements here.

Halfway There of South Florida has been providing a residential living environment highly-conducive to sustained recovery, for over a decade, now. We are one of the only pet friendly halfway house facilities in the country, because we believe pets help us heal. The high success rate of our residents is rooted in our comprehensive program and the caring approach that our staff takes to recovery. If you’re looking for a halfway house call Halfway There today at 999-999-9999 for more information on how to become a resident.

Family-Home Environment

Many residents opt to stay for well
over 1 year; thus, yielding a peer
environment & mentality that is
conducive to sustained recovery.
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Strong Recovery Ethic

Halfway There is founded by
recovering individuals, upon a holistic
approach to the treatment of
substance abuse.
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